Laura Musco


Assistant Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer
01428 606510
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Prior to having our two children I was secretary to directors at the Dept. of the Environment (DW Air) and Philips Research Laboratories. At the DoE the director was responsible for all RAF and USAF airfields and at the latter it was the time when CDs were coming onto the market, and Ceefax services improved – it was only 35 years ago! Wanting more flexibility in my working hours, to fit family life, I became secretary/treasurer at Chiddingfold Ex-Servicemens’ Club where I had the added benefit of people like Genesis and Eric Clapton rehearsing there. I then worked for a stock taker to the licensing industry and came to Grayshott Parish Council from there in 2010.

I’ve been involved with Grayshott Stagers since 1999, and am dram generally for many years prior to that. I play piano, although I sadly had to give up my Dad’s baby grand piano when we moved house recently, and used to play ‘cello.

Although I’m trained as a secretary please don’t think a parish clerk is just that. It’s like typists saying they were secretaries many years ago! There are those of us who think our job title is a misnomer.

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