Sally Campbell-Clause


Vice Chairman 
01428 609750
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I have lived in Grayshott for over 30 years, having moved from the outskirts of London to give my children a freer atmosphere in which to grow up. They have now moved on but John, my husband, who is an architect in the village, and I continue to enjoy living in Grayshott. I am now retired from being a solicitor and hope that I can bring to the Parish Council the experience and abilities I gained from dealing with the law, in particular health and safety issues which affect all of us one way or another. We have seen a lot of changes to Grayshott over the years, some good and some not so welcome. We continue to address further challenges, in particular traffic issues and planning concerns and by working for the Parish Council I hope to address these issues positively to enable Grayshott to continue to be an enjoyable place to live.

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