Green Spaces Steering Group

Our Mission: To maintain and enhance Green Spaces within Grayshott to provide a welcoming, safe and pleasing environment that encourages play recreation, wellbeing and inspiration for current and future generations…


In October 2018, Grayshott Parish Council established a steering group to help undertake a review of green spaces in the village, with a view to GPC adopting a strategic plan for the maintenance, development and improvement of those green spaces.

The group consists of Colin Thompson as convener, with Phil Bates, Jon Jackson, John Childs, Liz Munson and Hazel Richards. The group encompasses experience of Parish Council, Grayshott Gardeners, Grayshott Heritage, Grayshott Society, Hidden Gardens, and long term residents of the village.

The Group has adopted as their mission statement, the following:-

“To maintain and enhance Green Spaces within Grayshott to provide a welcoming, safe and pleasing environment that encourages play recreation, wellbeing and inspiration for current and future generations.”

So far, we have developed a number of proposals for consideration by the Parish Council to include in their strategic plan. All of the proposals have some resource implications, many of which could be met by grant applications to various bodies, and spreads over a number of years.

We are now seeking to consult with local community to see if it is in agreement with some or all of these proposals, or indeed if there are other ideas which it would like the working group to consider.

These then are the current proposals:

  • Roadside Benches: To increase the number of roadside benches along the roads leading into the village centre, to assist those who find it difficult to walk very far without the need to rest. We have currently identified four locations, all of which would involve approaching current landowners, mostly Hampshire County Council, for permission. There would also be the opportunity to invite sponsorship of these benches. More details here.

  • Grayshott Parish Boundary Path: To establish a Grayshott Parish Boundary Path, making use of existing rights of way which closely follow the boundary, with the creation of a few additional footpaths, and with the agreement of landowners, a few permitted rights of  way. The Hampshire County Council Community Engagement Ranger would be able to help with the establishment of this path, providing grant aid towards any cost, and providing training for volunteer Path Wardens whose role would be to walk some or the entire path quarterly to ensure it stays accessible. More details here.

  • Waggoner’s Bend: To upgrade the parcel of Hampshire County Council land at Waggoners bend, creating a wild flower meadow with a green path through for pedestrians away from the road. This project could be undertaken gradually over a number of years, and would hopefully attract and provide food and habitats for insects and birds as well as providing a more enjoyable place for pedestrians to walk and linger. More details here.

  • Eccott Green: To improve and enhance the plot of Grayshott Parish Council land called Eccott Green, on the Headley Road, by creating a community Orchard, with wildflower meadow. The proposal includes a mixed native species hedge alongside the pavement to provide screening from the traffic for the houses on the far side, and the removal of a number of tree stumps and any of the current trees deemed to be unsafe. A traditional orchard will support a habitat of flora and fauna such as insects, birds, bees, bats and small mammals as well as wild flowers. More details here.

  • Volunteer Activities – Gardening: A proposal to seek additional volunteer gardeners, co-ordinated by a Community Volunteer Leader to add to the existing small group of volunteers undertaking occasional work in the Parish Council managed planted areas, as well as helping with the other proposed Green Spaces. More details here.

  • Volunteer-Led Activities – Out & About: We are also suggesting additional volunteer led activities to encourage residents to make use of, and enjoy, a range of outdoor activities. More details here.

The working group are hoping to finalize their recommendations to Grayshott Parish Council sometime over the Summer, so please let us know if you support some or all of the proposals, of indeed if you have other suggestions you would like to put forward.

You can download a feedback form here, fill it in and drop it off at the Parish Council or email it to the Parish Council at

Or use the form below to submit your feedback and comments. We appreciate and welcome your support.